One week cruise in Corsica

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2. 7. 2022 - 9. 7. 2022




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One week cruise in Corsica

If it is sightseeing you want or a beautiful peaceful countryside, Corsica combines the two. Situated on a thousand kilometre long coastline you will find beaches with pure white sands, bays with pebble beaches hidden beneath the rocky overhangs and cliffs that fall into the incredible azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is the most mountainous of all the Mediterranean islands, so if you like to combine swimming in the sea or enjoying the beautiful wild countryside, it is the perfect choice. And it is also a French island, so get ready for first class cuisine and great wines!

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We will start our journey on the luxury Lagoon catamaran 620 in Ajaccio, from where we will cruise south. You can enjoy sight seeing in the two towns of Valenco and Bonifacio, then on the Piana island, where you can swim and try water sports in the "natural aquarium", we will visit the capital of Corsica Ajaccio, where you can experience the historical architecture and simply relax. Two double bed cabin rooms are provided as accommodation, but we are sure that you will spend most of the time outdoors. There will be a lot to see here!



Accommodation in air-conditioned double bed cabins with private bathroom

Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), food and drinks (wine, water) and local appetizers (rum, punch, fruit juices)

Crew services captain, steward/chef and lifeguard

2 sets of bed linen, towels and bath towels per person/per week

Fuel and water

Ship and passenger insurance

Snorkelling and fishing equipment plus sea kayak



Flight tickets PragueCorsica, CorsicaPrague (approximate price 9000 CZK)

Transfers airportmarina, marinaairport

Additional refreshments, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which are not included in the full board package

Fixed fee € 210 per person, payable on arrival (this includes tourist taxes, entry to national parks, anchorages, diesel and minor repairs)

Note: The price per person is valid only when the cabin is occupied by two persons



90 days or more – 25 % of the rental price of the boat with the captain

89 – 60 days – 50 % of the rental price of the boat with the captain

59 – 30 days – 75 % of the rental price of the boat with the captain

less than 30 days – 100 % of the rental price of the boat with the captain


There are 8 days (7 nights) full of fun on board the luxurious Lagoon catamaran 620.


Day 1: Ajaccio

In the afternoon we board in the Corsican harbour of Ajaccio where among other things you will find Napoleon Bonaparte birthplace, his memorial and the museum. After the crew shows you your cabin and accommodate you we will sail to Sainte Barbe bay.


Day 2: Ajaccio Valenco (cruise: 3 hours)

We will cruise to Valenco bay. The beauty of this bay is often sung about in many traditional Corsican songs. For lunch we will dock in Pollo harbour and then sail past the cliffs of Tarava, where you can go swimming or kayaking. Close to the rocks of Tarava there is a wonderful scuba diving spot. After lunch we will visit Valenco bay and Campo Moro bay. Campo Moro was originally a small fishing village with several houses constructed from granite and still retains its authentic charm. On shore you will find several bars, restaurants and shops. We will visit a bastion located on the promontory of Campo Moro.


Day 3: Valenco Senetosa Bay (cruise: 2 hours)

We will journey to the beautiful Senetosa bay. We will then have lunch in Arana bay, where you can go swimming, kayaking or snorkelling. Back on board and cruise to Bonifacio. The whole coast around Acula is rugged with tiny fjords. The entrance to the port of Bonifacio is very impressive and the harbour is dominated by a huge cliff on which lies a fortified town.


Day 4: Bonifacio Lavezzi archipelago (cruise: 3 hours)

The Lavezzi archipelago is a nature reserve that not only protects rare species of seagulls that nest in large stones, but also countless numbers of fish that occupy the turquoise waters. There are beautiful bathing areas around these islands. We will anchor on the island of Piana, which is also a nature reserve where the water is so clear that one can see the white sandy floor at a depth of up to three to four meters.


Day 5: Ile Piana Anse de Roccapina (cruise: 3 hours)

After breakfast you can spend the morning snorkelling in the natural aquarium. After lunch the journey to Roccapina awaits us. What dominates the nature reserve is a granite rock called Lion de Roccapina, which was formed by natural corrosion which developed the shape of a lion's head. The turquoise sea has created a beautiful bay with natural rock formations and local white sandy beaches are probably the most beautiful in Corsica. Away from bathing, diving and fishing inland offers a stony pathway to the old Genoese watchtower, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding bays. At the end of the 19th century a luxurious overseas ship from India with a cargo of rare diamonds became shipwrecked in the bay. The cargo of diamonds has never been recovered since.


Day 6: Anse de Roccapina Valenco bay Propriano (cruise: 3 hours)

The typical Corsican port of Propriano is lined with classically designed houses, the atmosphere is glowing with many bars and restaurants along the coastline. The town is absolutely charming and not too crowded even in high season. You can visit a village and go shopping.


Day 7: Propriano Ajaccio (cruise: 3 hours)

In the morning we will air the sails and head for Ajaccio. We will dine on board while anchored in front of the beautiful beach where you can enjoy kayaking, snorkelling or swimming before we sail to Ajaccio. Upon arrival we will tour the city.


Day 8: Ajaccio

We will enjoy the last but not least breakfast on the boat in the morning. Disembarking at 9 am.


* The route may change without prior notice for technical or weather reasons


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