Malta: Our new destination. Everyone will have a good time, not just the divers!

Ideal for a boat holiday! Malta may be small but it offers quite a lot. Ideal conditions for a perfect voyage (with one of the longest yachting seasons in all of Europe!), protected ports, historic sights that go back 7000 years, great places for diving and swimming and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Team Umbrella Yacht   |   24. 4. 2019

The Maltese archipelago includes three inhabited islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) and several other uninhabited islands. The capital city of Valletta is definitely worth a visit and we also recommend taking a trip to the famous Blue Cave and diving in the natural St. Peter's Pool near Marsaxlokk. If you love diving, head straight to the island of Gozo. Its diving spots are well-known and you can choose from dozens of World War II plane and ship wrecks, underwater caves and reefs full of coral. You will also find several great restaurants here, where you can taste delicious local wine, sun-dried tomatoes and sheep milk cheese. Malta is tiny and you don't need much time to explore it all so if you so desire, feel free to include a visit to Sardinia and Sicily on your holiday! Spots that you should definitely not miss on your voyage


Mġarr is the main port on the island of Gozo


Blue Hole on Gozo Island

The Blue Hole and the Azure Window were the most photographed natural sights on Gozo. The latter was a limestone natural arch that unfortunately collapsed into the sea two years ago. Only a few meters away, you can admire the underwater cave known as the Blue Hole. Similar to other blue holes, it was created during the last glacial period when sea levels were about a 100 meters lower than they are today. When the cave was flooded with water, its ceiling collapsed and an underwater cave, which flows into a natural pool was formed. The Blue Hole is one of the best places for diving on Gozo; you can observe countless fish, barracudas, giant groupers and starfish. You can also dive to the torso of the Azure Window, which rests on the seabed.


The Blue Hole (left) and the Azure Window before the arch collapsed


The Blue Lagoon on Comino Island

Camino has a rocky coastline but boasts one beautiful wonder – the Blue Lagoon. You will feel as though you're in the Caribbean when you anchor in this special area of the sea with crystal clear turquoise water and a sandy seabed. You're bound to be slightly surprised by the scent of cumin in the air noticeable all around the island. You will perhaps also be surprised by the number of tourists – yes, the Blue Lagoon is really a big draw. That's why it's better to get to it on your own yacht. You can also snorkel and dive in the areas around the lagoon.


Turquoise waters in the Blue Lagoon


St. Peter's Pool

The southern part of Malta near the town of Marsaxlokk is definitely worth exploring. Marsaxlokk itself is certainly worth visiting and you can admire beautiful fishing boats in the local port. Since it is a fishing town, you will find the best restaurants here where you can enjoy fresh fish and other seafood. You can also restock your supplies at the local Sunday fish market. The famous St. Peter's Pool is close to the town. A beautiful bay at the end of which lies a natural pool.


The fishing boats in Marsaxlokk are colourful and beautiful


Popeye's Home Town

If you saw the Popeye musical starring Robin Williams and pull into Anchor Bay near Il- Mellieħa, you'll be struck by a very familiar sight. The film was shot here in the village simply called Popeye Village. You will still find the same colourful houses here as well as a magical atmosphere. If you are travelling with children, we definitely recommend that you take them for a visit!


Do you recognize Popeye's village?


Valletta. Remembering the Knights

The town was built by Maltese knights shortly after they, together with their leader Grand Master Jean de La Valette successfully withstood an onslaught of Ottoman Turks. They stuck to a very strict urban concept – they surrounded the town with a defensive wall and developed a geometrical network of streets in the interior. The construction of houses was governed by several rules: for example the houses couldn't stretch into the street. In order for their owners to get a few extra meters, they built bay windows into the direction of the street, which gradually became one of the typical features of the local architecture. You will also find many beautiful palaces and churches in this fortified town. St. John's Co-Cathedral draws the most attention and its stunningly decorated interior will take your breath away. You should certainly also visit the Baroque Grandmaster's palace, which is the official seat of the president and the parliament as well as the Barrakka gardens. You can relax at one of the pleasant restaurants in the old port after your walk.


Valletta is certainly worth a visit


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