The most beautiful Indian summer? Enjoy it during a cruise around Šibenik

Indian summer in Croatia is worth it! In September, the sea is still warm, the temperatures are great and the numbers of tourists are tolerable. You can enjoy this friendly weather, for example, during a cruise around Šibenik, one of the most beautiful Croatian cities.

Team Umbrella Yacht   |   30. 8. 2020

The city of Šibenik is strategically located in the middle of the Croatian coast, so you can go both north and south. But before you sail through the St. Anthony's Channel to the open sea, you should definitely see the city itself. It is dominated by three fortresses (St. Michael's, St. John's and the Barone Fortress). The fourth, the St. Nicholas fortress, is situated on a small island at the exit of the St. Anthony's Channel.

The center of Sibenik is dominated by the St. Jacob's Cathedral, which you will find on the main square. The stone Gothic-Renaissance monument is truly monumental, measuring 39 meters in length and 32 meters in height, and is rightly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the winding narrow streets of the old town you will also find two dozen churches and a number of palaces and - gourmets beware - also the Pelegrini restaurant, which boasts one Michelin star.   


Sibenik is a beautiful, ancient port city


Trip to the waterfalls

After a tour of Šibenik itself, we recommend sailing to Skradin, which is a kind of gateway to the Krka National Park. The park is named after the cavern river of the same name, which flows into the Šibenik Bay. When you anchor in Skradin and change to the local ferry, you will reach the famous Skradin waterfalls along the river Krka! A system of limestone barriers, islands and lakes almost 50 meters high. You can bathe under the waterfalls (beware, from January 1, 2021 it will be forbidden due to greater protection of the reservation!), go on an hour-long trip along the path around the cascade or see the functional watermills from the 19th century. Along the way, don't forget to stop at one of the local farms and buy fresh mussels and oysters!

Near Šibenik you will find another national park, which forms a large part of the islands and islets falling under the Kornati archipelago. They are mostly desolate and uninhabited, but their steep cliffs and hidden coves provide a fascinating spectacle when sailing! That's why it's definitely worth including a cruise through this beautiful area in your itinerary.


You must see the waterfalls near Skradin!


Wandering between the islands

When you leave the St. Anthony's Channel to the open sea, you can choose from a variety of islands and islets. First on the way you will have Zlarin, in whose main and only village Zlarin you can, among other things, buy a souvenir in the form of coral jewelry. You can get it at the local museum, which reminds you that coral fishing and their processing played a crucial role in the history of the island.

Other islands and islets near Šibenik, such as Lupač, Prvić, Logorun, Tijat, Zmajan, Obonjan or Žirje, offer crystal clear sea, beautiful bays, interesting places for diving and decent fishing catches. And the area around Šibenik has another advantage - the sea is extremely calm, so it is an ideal destination for a family cruise with children. You can sail, for example, with our yacht Umbrella Victoria, or with any other boat from our offer that will meet your expectations.


One of the boats on which you can go to Šibenik is Umbrella Victoria

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