The most beautiful region of Italy? The Amalfi coast!

Stunning sceneries, world-class restaurants and a large helping of genuine Italian culture are awaiting you out there. The Amalfi coast with the little towns of Positano, Amalfi or Ravello rank among the most astonishing places you can get to know in Europe while sailing on a yacht. It is right here where you will best understand what the famous phrase La dolce vita means!

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The view of the rugged rocks along the sea shore alone suggests that it is much better to explore the Amalfi coast from the deck of a yacht than from the mainland. On top of that, there is a number of secluded beaches and coves on the coast that can be reached only by a boat. The Amalfi coast is about 40 kilometres long and stretches from the Sorrento Peninsula to the city of Salerno. Thanks to the exceptional combination of the beauties of nature and preserved architecture of towns, it has been included on the world cultural heritage list of UNESCO since 1997. To yachtsmen, this beautiful part of the Mediterranean offers one more benefit. The season here lasts until the end of October. This means that while the gloomy autumn weather reigns over the Czech Republic, you can occur in the middle of the most astonishing Indian summer after a quick two hour flight! 


Positano will take your breath away

The traditional coloured houses seem to be glued to the rocks and the cobblestone streets winding between them are lined with bistros, restaurants, galleries and renowned antiques. At the same time, fantastic views of the sea will open up to you from various corners of the town. If you belong among the fans of beach clubs, you can stop for example by the TreVille Beach Club. You can have lunch at this place, which such celebrities as Kate Moss or Gwyneth Paltrow took fancy to and which is accessible only by a boat, and spoil yourself with a few relaxing hours on the local beach. The sights worth visiting in the town itself include the Church of St Maria Assunta or the Spiaggia Grande beach situated in the town centre, just next to the seafront promenade. A bit further from here, you can find the little quieter Spaggia del Fornillo. And a tip for gourmets? Try Michelin-starred restaurant La Sponda!


Positano is a town of coloured houses glued to the rock


Amalfi – your sightseeing destination

From among the three gems of the Amalfi coast – the towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello – it is Amalfi where you will find most of the local historical monuments. Like Venice, Pisa and Genoa, this seaside town also used to be a powerful maritime state with a population of 70 thousand. However, it was hit by a devastating earthquake in the 14th century when the major part of the town slid down to the sea. Today, hardly one tenth of the original population lives here, but the town has retained its unique magic. We recommend you to visit the promenade Lungomare dei Cavalieri or the St Andrew Cathedral (Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea). There is also a municipal beach in Amalfi, but you will rest a bit more on the beach in the neighbouring Atrani.


The St Andrew Cathedral ranks among the most beautiful monuments of the entire coast


You cannot miss the gardens in Ravello

Many musical as well as literary works were created in this seaside resort. Besides artists, also aristocrats and celebrities used to come here in the past century. Even today, you can admire beautiful aristocratic residences here, among which in particular Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone attract visitors with, among other things, their magnificent gardens. It is definitely worth stopping by them on your way and enjoy beautiful views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Anyway, you can also relish the impressive views from the terrace of the Terrazza Belvedere restaurant that you will find in Palazzo Avino. Apart from the gardens, we also recommend to take a walk along the streets of the town and to visit the cathedral dating back to the 11th century. And one more tip – Ravello is famous for its shops with ceramics. Each of the pieces sold there is handmade and hand painted, which makes them a great souvenir and a perfect present. The most favoured shops include for example Ceramiche d'Arte.


You should not miss the garden of the Villa Rufolo palace


Nerano: the hidden paradise

The quiet and not prominent town of Nerano is hidden on the very verge of the Amalfi coast. In its surroundings, you can discover untouched pebble beaches, which are just perfect for yachtsmen. One of them is situated in the Recommone Bay, where you can also find an exclusive beach club and the Conca del Sogno restaurant. Stop by there and treat yourself with some of their drinks and desserts made from the famous lemons of Amalfi! Situated not very far from there is also the beach restaurant well-known for its excellent cuisine – Lo Scoglio Da Tommaso.


One of the numerous secluded beaches that can be found near Nerano


However, there are also many other places situated on this famous coast which have their charms – for example the resorts of Arienzo, Minori or Maiori. Finally, if the Amalfi coast itself is not enough for you, you can go for a trip to the nearby Capri or a bit more distant Ischia, which is well-known for its thermal parks!

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